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What we believe in Crazy Poke

We encourage every day with love, passion and craziness for offering our clients the best we can ??

In order of giving the best, we consider these concepts a major key in the industry.



Sustainability is the most important issue facing the seafood industry. We must ensure we maintain sufficient wild fish in our waters to provide for future generations. We research and evaluate all of our offerings to determine the health of the stock, the sustainability of the harvest technique as well as any environmental concerns before making them available to our customers. Sustainability also means ensuring balanced populations of fish and shellfish and reducing waste.

Aquaculture is the most rapidly growing sector of the seafood industry. It is important that we endorse facilities which contribute positively to the health of our land and our waters. Our aquaculture offerings are the highest quality progressively farmed fish and shellfish in the world. Our farms utilize sustainable farming practices including low feed-in, fish-out ratios, which ensures the amount of baitfish used as food does not outweigh what ends up on your plate. Low-stocking densities, recirculating air systems (RAS), zero-waste practices and site fallowing between harvests all contribute to a healthier environment and tastier farmed fish.

Whether wild or farmed, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s our passion and promise.



We sources only the freshest, most impeccably handled fish and shellfish from responsible commercial fishermen around the country.

Our frozen offerings receive the same highly-focused care and attention. Each whole fish, loin or portion is cut immediately upon landing and quickly deep frozen using the most advanced technology available. The result is a top-quality product with extended shelf-life that rivals the taste and texture of fresh.



 Sea to table sea-to-table-crazy-poke

Most seafood is sold at massive auctions and passes through the hands of numerous suppliers, wholesalers and retailers before it reaches your kitchen. Along every step of the way, quality and transparency is lost. We go to great lengths to source direct from the dock or farm and partner with primary fish houses that purchase straight from local fishermen. What you receive from us is superior quality seafood along with the story of its journey to your plate.

Next time you get in our store and you see our team smiling, is not branding, is because we

know we are doing things good!

And we are proud of it.

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